Good Love
by B1A4 from the album, What's Happening?
Also Known As
Released May 6, 2013
Composed By: Jung Jinyoung
Written By: Jung Jinyoung
Genre K-pop
Length 03:56
What's Happening?
"How Many Times"

Good Love is a track off B1A4's fourth Korean EP, What's Happening?.


The Korean version of the song was composed by Jinyoung. The lyrics were written by Jinyoung, Baro, and CNU.

When I first received the guide from Jinyoung and listened to it, the loving feelings of a couple in love were strong, so I remember writing situations while thinking of dropping the girl off at her home after the date was finished.

However, once the song was almost completely, the feeling I received from this song was not a burning love, but it felt closer to a love that has gradually come to an end. Jinyoung also had the same thoughts as me, so we decided on writing about a love story where their love had cooled down. With Jinyoung and Baro, I had a lot of thoughts about how the song would unfold. After we shared opinions that it would be good if we went back and forth with the melody parts and rap parts, we chose to create a part where the rap and melody in part B would go back and forth.

However, we realized that it might be a bit awkward for the flow of the song if we went back and forth with the song and rap, we changed it so that the melody and rap would unify and we wouldn't cut off the melody part’s lyrics in the rap part. Since we thought we could add more to the atmosphere of the song by putting in a brass sound to the piano melody, we added a brass sound. Rather belting out high notes during the melody line or the dynamic song unfolding, we placed a slight dynamic in between the quiet atmosphere, so that the mood wouldn’t droop down. Although this is a digression, I listened to the song before sleeping prior to it being mastered and at times, I slept while being absorbed into the song’s lyrics.

When you guys want to grab the mood or want to meditate, I recommend listening to this song. You will think about old memories and you may even cry a bit as if you watched a sad movie.


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B1A4-Good Love Colour Coded Lyrics (Romanization Eng Trans)